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An Exciting New culture in stock for Cheddar!

On special for the month of May is Finest Kind’s brand new culture now in [...]


Try out this all round creamy yoghurt culture for set, stirred or drinking yoghurt. By [...]

Watch Lika make Halloumi

Watch Lika make Halloumi with just 2 liters shop bought milk with the Finest Kind [...]

How to make Finest Kind Fresh Cheese

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“the ultimate feta mould”

The Ultimate Feta mould. Everyone needs a break at a time like this and therefore [...]

Make a delicious curry with your very own homemade Paneer

Paneer is used in many vegetarian Indian Curries. India produces more milk than any other [...]

A Cheesekit so easy to use in your own kitchen, all you need to do is add milk.

Imagine a cheese kit with everything you need to make any one of these cheeses [...]

Follow a few steps on how to make an antique Neufchâtel cheese.

This cheese originates from the town of  Neufchâtel 132 km outside Paris. It dates back [...]

Tips on market research and what to look for when starting to sell your dairy produce.

If you are producing more cheese than you can consume, it’s time to think of [...]