Watch Lika make Halloumi

Watch Lika make Halloumi with just 2 liters shop bought milk with the Finest Kind Cheese Kit.

The Cheese Kit contains enough ingredients to make up to 30KG cheese and the shelf life is approximately 2 years. Thats a lot of Halloumi one can make. But, just in case you get tired of Halloumi, there are other cheeses to make, such as Feta, Cream Cheese and more with the Finest Kind Cheese Kit.

To see what else one can make with the Finest Kind Cheese Kit have a look at the little movie ” unpacking the box“.

Halloumi can be made from cow, goat or sheep milk. If using shop bought cows milk, make sure its full cream milk. The cheese is a Greek form of pasta filata, similar to the Italian Mozzarella, which originated in Cyprus. It should be chewy, creamy and firm. It has a high melting point which is why it can be fried. Its an excellent cheese for vegetarians in salads or as a substitute for meat in hamburgers with a large mushroom and brinjal. The added bonus is that one can make Anari, similar to Ricotta, at the same time. One gets a very small return, but its an excellent source of protein, consisting of mainly albumin protein, similar to egg white.

Give it a try whether in the city or on the farm. And if you have any queries, just WhatsApp us at 0767092565. We are always there to help you.