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Make your own cheese, butter & yoghurt.
It’s easier than you think.

All smallholders can be completely self-sufficient in terms of dairy products. Make your own cheese, butter and yoghurt with as little as five to ten litres milk. Your family will love the taste of real cheese and it is so much cheaper too. If by some small chance you have a few extra cheeses, you can sell them to your friends – it could be the start of your own small business. Follow this simple weekly programme: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, skim the milk and use the skimmed milk for drinking and yoghurt. The cream is used for butter. Monday, Wednesday and Friday the whole milk is used to manufacture cheese.

There is no need to have any experience in cheesemaking when you purchase a Finest Kind cheese kit. Well worked out tried and tested production methods accompany the cheese kits. When making cheese for the first time it is advisable to start with a quick maturing cheese such as the soft cheeses, feta or gouda. These cheeses mature in 3-4 weeks, not too long a time to remember how the cheese was made. It is important to make careful notes while making cheese and number the cheese with the date you made it such that you can refer back to your notes and correct the mistakes.

Cheese is made from whole milk. 10 liters milk is required to make 1kg hard cheese such as gouda. Ingredients to make cheese will cost you ± R6.00/kg cheese. The culture supplied must be stored in the fridge and is enough to make 30kg cheese. The rennet supplied must be stored in the fridge and is enough for 20kg cheese.