Try out this all round creamy yoghurt culture for set, stirred or drinking yoghurt. By applying the discount voucher code CREAMY during check out you’ll receive a 15% discount on YFL-811 culture during April.

Quality ingredients result in quality products. Finest Kind sells a wide range of quality cultures for the production of set, stirred, vegan and probiotic yoghurts. But here we we are focusing on a culture that has a wide range of applications, the YFL-811 yoghurt culture.   The YFL-811 is suitable for the production of set, stirred and drinking yoghurt and produces a mild, highly viscous product with a creamy flavour . It is particularly suited to the South African climate as it has very low post acidification.  

It is kosher ( Excl. passover) and Halal certified. It does not contain GMO’s and does not contain GM labeled raw materials.

The packet contains a mixture of Streptococcus thermophilis and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp.bulgaricus. These organisms ferment the lactose in milk and produce lactic acid, and the flavour compounds such as acetaldehyde, acetone and acetoin. Acetaldehyde is directly associated with the typical flavour and aroma of plain yoghurt. Due to the lactic acid production the yoghurt becomes steadily more acid. Rearrangement and aggregation of the proteins ( casein) occurs at a pH of 4.5 giving the yoghurt its firm, gel like texture.  It is important that the milk is not disturbed when these aggregates form. Other metabolites produced by the bacteria  that contribute to  the texture of the yoghurt are the exopolysaccharides ( sugars) . They also contribute to the ” ropiness” of the yoghurt.  

In summary the texture of the yoghurt is influenced by the choice of starter culture,  the processing of the milk ( heated and cooled), protein and fat level in the milk, and addition of stabilizers.