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Start making your own Kefir Cheese with these few easy steps

Equipment: CODE              DESCRIPTION H230               1L BOTTLE H108               FLOATING DAIRY THERMOMETER H10B               FLOATING THERMOMETER COVER H168  [...]

Finest Kind Asagio

RECIPE Here’s our secret to curating artisanal asagio cheese Summary: 1. Pasteurize milk 2. Heat [...]

The easiest hard cheese to make. If you are a beginner cheese maker and want to venture further, then try this easy cheese.

This cheese was first made in California USA and is one of the quickest hard Cheeses [...]

An ultra cheese filled Spanakopita recipe.

Everybody loves a good tasty Greek treat, so here at Finest Kind we’re always on [...]

Making feta just became easier with Finest Kind.

Feta cheese is a popular and easy cheese to make for the beginner. But, as [...]

Enjoy your chips with this chilli and lime yoghurt dip recipe by Finest Kind.

Ingredients 400ml Greek yoghurt ( if your homemade yoghurt is not thick enough, strain it through [...]

Finest Kind shares a few easy guidelines on manufacturing your own yoghurt!

MANUFACTURING PROCESS DRI-VAC (H073) YOGHURT STARTER CULTURE H073 culture consists of specific bacteria that will [...]

Yoghurt could be the probiotic fix you need for a cold and flu free winter.

Most of us know someone who never seems to get sick. Maybe it’s a pastor [...]

Finest Kind Gouda cheese with chives and onions recipe.


Hearty mash with your own onion and chive Farmhouse Gouda.

Cheese goes with everything. Well at least with most things. If you’re looking for a [...]