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A Cheesekit so easy to use in your own kitchen, all you need to do is add milk.

Imagine a cheese kit with everything you need to make any one of these cheeses – feta, cream cheese, halloumi, anari, ricotta, fromage frais, chevre, lactic cheese and paneer – and all you need to do is add milk.

Most exciting of all is that this Finest Kind Cheese Kit has been designed to enable urban dwellers to make cheese in their kitchen. But, that doesn’t rule out the farmers. The cheeses can be made with either store bought milk or with milk directly from your cow or goat. All you need to do is follow the instructions included and add milk. And there is no need to have any experience in cheese making. The well-tried and tested recipes in the cheese-making manual are really easy to follow. If you are still having trouble, we are on WhatsApp to help you out.

It is important that you make the cheeses from whole, full cream milk. Simply buy a 2-litre bottle of milk or measure off 2 litres of your own cow’s milk, grab a pot and warm the milk to required temperatures before adding some of the culture and rennet supplied. The rennet is in a liquid form and therefore really easy to measure. 2 Litres milk will give you between 200 and 360-gram cheese. And there are enough ingredients in the kit to make approximately 30kg cheese for just R498. The culture supplied must be stored in the freezer and the rennet in the fridge. And it’s no problem if you run out of ingredients you can simply buy refills from the Finest Kind online shop.

Get really creative with the cheeses you make by adding herbs or nuts to the cheese. You can roll the soft cheeses in balls and then place them in a bottle of olive oil together with herbs (also available from Finest Kind), it makes a perfect present. Pick some flower petals from the garden and decorate the cheese with them before serving to your guests. Or wrap the cheese in vine leaves soaked in brandy and serve with some light, crisp white wine. You can make delicious puddings with the soft cheeses by mixing the curd with a little castor sugar and vanilla and serve with a strawberry coulis. The cream cheese can be used to make cheesecake (my favourite). Follow our monthly blog for more ideas and recipes.

Happy cheese making and who knows, perhaps this is the start of a home based business.