Our special for you for the month of July is the LHB-02 culture. Whatever the cheese you are making, you can always add a little nutty flavour to it to make it that more delicious. Gruyere is the cheese associated with a nutty flavour ( have a look at our recipe here). But you can also add it to a gouda to give the gouda a fontina type of flavour. And it is a must if making a parmesan. It’s also the ingredient that makes the cheeses that are so good in winter, when in front of a warm fire, red wine in hand, Tete de Moin, Appenzeller, Beaufort and Raclette to die for. By applying the discount voucher code FLAVOUR during check out you’ll receive a 15% discount on LHB-02 during July.

The culture is known as an adjunct ( meaning its supplementary rather than essential) culture. The culture consists of the the bacteria, lactobacillus helveticus. The bacteria produces lactic acid, mops up remaining sugars and has a proteolytic activity in the maturing cheese. In other words, it breaks down the proteins in the cheese to give the characteristic nutty flavour. It is often used in association with a thermophilic culture such as ST-I12 as the cheeses are often dry and mature for some time.

Finest Kind supplies  LHB-02 in 50U packets.  The dosage for LHB-02 is dependent on the recipe used. To use it is best to cut the corner of the packet open, measure out the culture required onto a sterile spoon, fold the corner of the packet over and keep closed with a washing peg. Store the packet in the deep freeze in a closed container to avoid moisture entering the packet. We are able to obtain Kadova cylindrical moulds if you are thinking of making these delicious cheeses.

Because it is freeze-dried it can be transported at room temperature for up to 10 days. Shelf Life is at least 24 months if stored according to recommendations.

Certified Kosher ( excl passover) and Halal

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