The 25-year reign of Kingwill cheese!

In this – Finest Kinds 25th year of supplying ingredients and equipment to cheese makers, we showcase our exceptional clients whom we have supplied for more than 20 years. The Kingwill’s certainly are exceptional cheesemakers having perfected the art of making traditional farmhouse cheese, blended with the best possible flavours.

Against the backdrop of the Overberg mountains and the meandering Sonderend river, you will find the green pastures of Kingwill Cheese. To pursue the love of cheesemaking requires passion. To pursue the love of cheesemaking for as long as Kingwill has involves something that goes beyond devotion. For over 20 years the Kingwill’s have embodied their motto of “There’s a taste for every flavour.” and explored the great mélange of cheese favours and organic cheesemaking techniques. Through their natural methods of pasture-raised cows and unpasteurized milk that’s devoid of colourants, Kingwill has produced a distinctive quality of cheese who’s flavour diversity is reflective of our own culturally diverse country.

Naturally (pun intended), Finest Kind has supplied Kingwill cheese on this explorative and passionate journey for over 20 years. Pursue your passion with the natural cheese making information, high quality ingredients and equipment available from the Finest Kind online shop that has stood the test of time.

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