The Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij goes from some good fun to successful cheese maker.

2019 is a special year as it marks Finest Kind’s 25-year celebration – a quarter of a century of dairy-related ingredients and equipment leaving our doors and arriving at the homes of our clients. We’ve learned a lot of lessons about business in that time.

And the most important of all those lessons is this: the success of a business is determined by the quality of its relationships with its clients.

So on the year that marks our silver jubilee, we would like to take the time to honor and thank one of our longest-standing clients: Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij, who has been our client for more than 20 years!

Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij creates delicious cheeses in accordance with time-honored Dutch traditions and recipes. There are more than 30 varieties for you to peruse at their farm, which also offers guided tours, a garden restaurant and children’s play area, picnic spots, trails and an assortment of events throughout the year. Find out more about them here, and visit their delectable slice of the world. Be sure to check out their Facebook page too!

To Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij, we thank you for working with us, and look forward to 20 more years!

If you’re a cheese lover unable to make it to Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij, our super-easy cheese-making kits have got you covered! Also, be sure to check out our blog for exciting events and even more reasons to love dairy.