Estelle du Preeze

Estelle du Preeze’ age-old recipe of authentic Boerenkaas Gouda cheeses, delighting cheese lovers everywhere

Does anything ever taste as good as when your je moeder made it? Traditions are forged in the spirit of doing things right the first time. While the whims of the new will always take us along on the joyous ride of new experiences, we always seem to go back. That’s because tradition works best.

Estelle du Preez is an accomplished, esteemed cheese maker. Estelle began studying cheese making over fifteen years ago. Estelle began studying cheese making over fifteen years ago. When still a young girl  she participated in  a cheese course on Feta, Gouda and Fromage Frais at Finest Kind. Since then, she worked full time improving her skills with a Dutch Family on de Pekelaar Farm, understanding that there’s never such a thing as too much knowledge when it comes to cheese. When the Dutch family returned to Holland, Estelle took over the running of the business and now supplies supermarkets such as Woolworths all over South Africa.

The de Pekelaar farm specialises in world-class Gouda cheeses. She makes 10kg rounds which she expertly matures so that you are able to buy a  young creamy cheese or a piquant aged cheese. She adds all sorts of delicious herbs to some of the cheeses if that is your bent. Gouda is more than just a delicious cheese to the Dutch. It’s a flavour embedded with nostalgia, it’s a past time.  However, it takes more than a cheese-master like Estelle du Preez to make a Gouda good enough for the authentic stamp of approval from those in Gouda, Netherlands. Estelle gets a little bit of help from Finest Kind, who provide her with unparalleled products to ensure the most aromatic  cheeses. Here at Finest Kind, we’re proud to play our small part in such a successful endeavour, and proud to be chosen by someone as renowned as Estelle du Preez whom we have supplied for more than 10 years.