Kadova Moulds are high quality, imported, food grade moulds. There are four parts available namely the mould, mould lid, mould net and lid net. Finest Kind sells the nets separately.  The nets are essential for a smooth rind. Cheesecloth can be used in place of the nets but will not give a smooth rind. There is a tendency for moulds to grow on the maturing cheese if the rind is not smooth.  Wipe or scrub off mould growth with the Finest Kind  HD003 orange gel.   Kadova Moulds come in various sizes up to  maximum 15kg. Enquire about our other Kadova moulds for Loaf cheese, Edam, Tomme, St.Paulin, Cylindrical and Manchego Cheeses.  Kadova Mould and Lid 0.5kg.

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