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THE EQUIPMENTS: H230 – 1L Consol bottle H108 – Floating dairy thermometer H108B – Floating thermometer cover H202B – 10X PH Sticks PH 3.8-5.5 THE INGREDIENTS: ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS HY50YCX11 YCX11 DVS Starter Culture OR HY50ABT-5 ABT-5 PROBIOTIC DVS Starter Culture OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS HF050 Fruit of the cape with pieces per KG HF120 Strawberry with fruit per KG HF140 […]

So you want to make yoghurt? It is one of the most rewarding fermented milk products to make, and so easy when you know how. Here is the recipe. Now let’s go through the recipe and explain some detail. Why full cream milk? Yoghurt made with skim milk is thinner. You normally have to add […]